• January 20, 2023: screening of a documentary film on the making of the film The Longest Day in the presence of the 2 co-directors Justin Lecarpentier and Vic Demayo
  • U.S. Independence Day – July 4th organized in partnership with the municipality of Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Welcoming Sixth Fleet Veterans and their Families visiting Villefranche, Welcoming 6th Fleet ship crews and visits on board


  • In partnership with the France-USA association: publication of articles, joint events
  • Participation in national commemorations and in connection with the US Navy:
    1945 Victory Day and 1918 Armistice, Memorial Day at the Rhone American Cemetery, commemoration of the landing in Provence, Franco-American Navy Day in Grasse and Bar-sur-Loup


  • Multidisciplinary project with an 8th grade class at the college of Beaulieu as part of the history program in collaboration with the history teacher:
    • Creation of an urban escape game based on the history of the American military presence in Villefranche-sur-Mer accessible via smartphones and pads with the izi.TRAVEL app
    • Visit of Villefranche in the footsteps of American sailors
    • Lectures in class, presentation of archival photos, films and filmed interviews
    • exchanges with veterans and their families, presentation in situ of the game with the pupils’ families, creation of advertising media and communication with tourist offices
  • Development of audio guides:
    • Online launch of the new audio guide on the history of the American presence between Nice and Villefranche, Beaulieu and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
    • Communication with tourist offices, partners and sponsors, through a new bilingual flyer and video presentation
  • Photo expositions at the Riviera King Real Estate, 1 rue Henri Biais, Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Redesign of the permanent exhibition of the Fleet Landing quay with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Writing articles for publication in military journals, local magazines, and newspapers
  • Provision of archival documents and information for publication in the 4th volume of a quadrilogy entitled “Americans in France” written by Colonel Pierre-Alain Antoine
  • Editing and subtitling of filmed interviews (conducted in January 2017) to use in colleges, integration into the web documentary, the virtual museum and later in the Museum space
  • Preparation of a colloquium planned for 2024 led by Nathalie Ubeda, associate professor of history: in partnership with the University Nice Côte d’Azur, the US consulate and embassy


  • New website under development: Clearer and more accessible on smartphones and tablets, it will also benefit from an SSL certificate for more security. The update will be managed by the developer. A new newsletter format is also being studied
  • Development of the association: Creation of volunteer committees in charge of different projects: history, events, communication, etc.
    These various committees will be in connection with the steering committee of the project to set up a museum-space dedicated to the history of the US naval presence in Villefranche
  • Classification of the archival collection: Intervention of professional archivists for the classification and storage of all our archives. This very important step will be followed by professional digitization and then highlighting via a dedicated website in 2024


  • Creation of a permanent exhibition space at Buffalo Naval Park in New York State in partnership with 6th Fleet Veterans Organizations
  • Sixth Fleet Book of Memories: This online book is based on memories of the 6th Fleet in Villefranche passed on by veterans, their families, and the local people. This project composed to date of nearly 150 testimonies, led by Philip Roberts, former officer of the 6th Fleet aboard the USS Des Moines, will be translated into French and put online on our website to be accessible to as many people as possible.
  • In 2024, organization of a trip to the United States for the official opening of the exhibition at the Buffalo Naval and Military Park, where the USS Little Rock CLG-4, former flagship based in Villefranche in the early 60s, is exhibited.