Many of you came to our AGM on 12 April and we are grateful for that.

Special thanks to M. Xavier Beck, 1st vice-président of Department 06 for having honored us of his presence and his great support as well as Mrs Claudie Khoklov representing the Mayor of Villefranche, Christophe Trojani. 
The members who attended and those who were represented voted YES for:
– the financial report of 2018 commented by our treasurer Corinne Elena;
– the 2018 activities report commented by our secretary Michèle Icard;
– the 2019  projects commented by our president Valérie Blouin.
M. Barry Probst has also presented his activities report in the U.S..
Mrs. Patricia Probst translated in english.
Everybody was able to follow up the different reports illustrated with many pictures on a large screen.
A video clip produced by Lucas Bosc showing the different events organized by the association between 2017-2018 has been screened and largely applauded.

We thank you for your support which enables us to bring our plans to fruition.

Sincerely yours,


Valerie BLOUIN