On July 4th, 2021, we celebrated Independence Day!

A beautiful evening in which 35 people (members and guests) participated.  Also present was Mr. Robert Bojanovich, deputy mayor, representing the mayor of Villefranche.

Arriving from the United States a few days earlier, John Gaunt, former officer of the USS Springfield CLG-7 (1966-67) and his friend Penelope Carroll who were very happy to be able to attend as well as Kimberlee Smith, whose father Robert N. Smith was Colonel of the Marines aboard the USS Springfield (1966-67).

The club de la mer allowed us to use its premises located on the quai de la Corderie at the port of La Darse and the restaurant La mere Germaine  supplied us with the drinks. Our volunteers have prepared everything themselves: decorations,  setting up of tables, preparing American-style meals… Everything that was there! A big THANK YOU to all!

Our friend Sebastien James “Sebio Jazz” animated the evening masterfully with his sax! Olivier Jude wished to honor our American friends by playing the Star-Spangled Banner on the trumpet. So much emotion!

Click on this link to see July 4th… with pictures and music: PHOTOS OF JULY 4TH 2021