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The Legend of Bloody Mary

By the 1950s, Villefranche-sur-Mer had become the official home port of the US Sixth Fleet.

The presence of many sailors in this small town attracted many people.

Among them, a flower seller had become a legend that was told from ship to ship.

Nicknamed Bloody Mary or Mary the flower girl, she terrorized many sailors!

Read the memories of the Sixth Fleet veterans:

1303, 2021

Interview Thomas G. Lilly, US Sixth Fleet Veteran

13 March 2021|Categories: Bloody Mary, history, Memories, Mom Germaine, Navires, Photos, Sailors, Ships, Videos|0 Comments

Moving video of Thomas G. Lilly, Rear Admiral US Navy Ret., filmed by Florent Plana on an original music of Baptiste Leblanc. At Villefranche-sur-Mer (France) in January 2017, on the occasion of the 50th [...]

1302, 2020

The Poops Lady – by Alice Grainger Gasser

13 February 2020|Categories: Bloody Mary, famille, family, Memories, Navy brat, Photos, Sailors|0 Comments

My father was Lt. Cdr. Inslee E. Grainger.  Our family lived in Villefranche in 1959-61 when he served aboard the USS Des Moines and the USS Springfield.  I was only two when we arrived, so [...]

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