I am very pleased to announce the first edition of International Seafarers Day in Villefranche on MONDAY 25 JUNE 2018, the detailed programme for which you will find attached.

On that day, we will make you aware of our passion for the Maritime Heritage of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

For your information: Seafarers Day is one of the United Nations Official International Days.


The “Villefranche and Seafarers” collective whose purpose is to contribute to the development of the marine heritage of Villefranche-sur-Mer, is the organizer of this beautiful day in partnership with the Municipality of Villefranche-sur-Mer, the 06 Department Council and the Nice Ports CCI.


It includes several associations:

  • The Americans and the Sixth Fleet in Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Anao, archaeological underwater research association
  • Association to Preserve the Maritime Heritage of Villefranche
  • Association of Pleasure Boat Crews of Villefranche
  • Association of the Villefranche Gig
  • Club de la Mer


Other associations will join us shortly.


On 13 May, a beautiful underwater photo was taken by the photographer Olivier Jude and his model Sylvie Laurent which we will be unveiled on June 25 at the Citadel auditorium. Some photos of May 13: https://1drv.ms/e/s!Apyt9x_jrby8n2gnP5u6hXVTYZ4

A video clip made by Lucas Bosc, a student at the ESRA Côte d’Azur, will be screened there. Meanwhile, these are 2 small teasers posted on our FB page: https://youtu.be/4-JDJrvWYrQ  &   https://youtu.be/jpGaRrEc_OQ

To follow us:


For Info: Our community manager Charlène Bonifassi is responsible for social networking.

Posters and flyers will soon be available.


Do not hesitate to talk about this to your friends and customers! I would like to remind you that the activities on offer are free of charge. Only the Gig requires a €5 contribution for insurance.

We hope we can count on your support and we remain at your disposal for further information.


Valérie BLOUIN

For the “Villefranche and Gens de Mer” Collective

Tel.: 06 89 52 26 56